Dark Energy = ETHER (AKASHA)

Dark energy could be seen a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside

an enigma. In Sanskrit the ether is known as the fifth element and is called

Akasha, which is the essence of all things in the material world. Today physicists

call it ‘dark energy’. Scientists estimate that 84% of the matter in the universe is

composed of invisible, dark energy, but they have no idea what it actually is.

Dark energy is a universal form of anti-gravity and is the reason for the

expansion of the universe, which has been accelerating towards

the speed of light. When we replace the name dark energy with something

much more localised, such as what has been called the Quintessence or the

fifth element, the ether or etheric energy. This energy is right there in your

living room. It is not some theoretical idea that exists thousands of light

years away. The fifth element is within your physical body and the room

you are sitting in. It is an infinite ocean of living energy. Without this ether

we could not remain stable within our physical bodies, and without the

etheric dimension there would be no astral plane, which we all return to at

death. There is a far deeper element hidden within the primordial OM that

is directly connected to that of universal motion and the principal of

stillness, which is in effect motionlessness absolute. The letter 0 equates

to that of zero-motion, motionlessness, and the letter M equates to that

of motion perpetual. The pulsation of the primordial OM is basically a

homing beacon that ‘echoes’ within all motion ‘reminding’ it of its origin,

which is that of stillness. This universal principal is represented by the

ancient teachings. They state that the Infinite Intelligence manifests a

universe by a GREAT BREATH outwards through which all motion was born. After a

period of billions of aeons the Absolute withdrew its breath and thereby

all motion returned back into stillness. The rapid expansion of the universe

whereby the ether seems to be acting as an anti gravity force, is in fact the

process in which a point will arise and all motion will cease and return

from whence it came aeons ago. The OM is the sound of primordial silence,

calling all its own back to source, which will include EVERY scrap of matter

that exists within this relative sphere we call the universe. We as human beings

are no more important that an atom of dust in orbit around a distant star.

Warmest regards Michael.


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Published by michaelneilkirkpatrick

I have been meditating for over forty five years and now being retired and a young 75 year young man, spend some of my time sharing my many experiences and insights into the WAY through my many blogs I have shared over five thousand blogs over the years, and am now sharing on this platform here I am always available to chat or answer questions. Thank you for reading this.

One thought on “Dark Energy = ETHER (AKASHA)

  1. It is interesting how knowledge of our triviality brings comfort as no aspect of our lives is as important as it seems.


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