The AGONY Of MAN’S AGNI (Fire Of Transformation) Part 2.

The fire (AGNI) in the aspiring man begins to rotate after a while of ardent

endeavour, when the beginnings of balance within the emotions of the enquiring

begin to calm, and the uprising thoughts have been all but stilled (for a short time

at least) then there begins a descent of AGNI (fires) into the crown chakra of the man

AGNI rotates down in a vortex shaped column of liquid fire, and enters the upper head

(crown chakra) of the man. While this is occurring the lower fire is rising from the root

chakra, and is slowly ascending again in a spiral vortex formation, and will eventually

meet with the higher fire of AGNI within the heart chakra. Now the time factor for this

occurrence to bring about partial or full realisation , really depends upon the man in

question, and his position within the evolutionary chain. Whether he is and old soul

or a young soul. It can take one lifetime or many thousands of years. The man life

after life, gradually ascends the ladder of realised perfection, and then one momentous

day arrives and all his efforts come together into a FUSION of internal fires (AGNI)

unites the man with his true image that of GOD, ABSOLUTE INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS.

The beginnings of this transformation start as soon as the man has decided to open

himself to change and adopt a regular practice of meditation. Man has lost his way, and

forgotten his real identity, that of a divine immortal soul, a GOD in waiting for expression

man is wholly spirit (which translates as the “LIFE FORCE””) we are all children of the very

LIFE of all LIFE, that of the Absolute BRAMAN ,we are but facets of the ONE JEWEL!!

By going within ourselves and becoming inward looking, rather than outward looking

we begin to make the connections that will eventually lead us into perfect peace

and endless joy. Looking within ourselves, asking the question , who am !? This question

will be answered if we persist in the enquiry within. Man is spirit, clothed in a soul

and further expressed in a physical body. Man needs to awaken unto his destiny.

which is realisation of the SELF, which begins with soul identification first, when

the intuitive fires of AGNI are fully ignited with the ardent man, he will begin as

expansive awakening into his true identity, his consciousness, perception, and

awareness will expand and the man will begin to see the inclusivity of

expressed life. AGNI fires will unite within the man’s heart chakra the lower

will unite with the higher and that union which is the true meaning of the

word YOGA (UNION). There will eventually ensue a FUSION of human with

the DIVINE, COLD FUSION from AGNI higher flame, will cool the lower fires

of passion , and bring about a balance of energy equilibrium will have been

established. Man will then be BORN AGAIN, without having to enter the womb


Warmest regards Michael.


Published by michaelneilkirkpatrick

I have been meditating for over forty five years and now being retired and a young 75 year young man, spend some of my time sharing my many experiences and insights into the WAY through my many blogs I have shared over five thousand blogs over the years, and am now sharing on this platform here I am always available to chat or answer questions. Thank you for reading this.

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