We are all what science would call an impossibility, something that cannot be

real or exist. This something that science would scoff at and say what I maintain

to be not only possible, but that all 7.7 billion souls on this planet are literally

all solid shadows.

We were all cast downwards into solidification by that of congealment the

densifying of fluidic living light energy, slowing down the rapidity of the

vibrations until it became compatible with that of the belt of matter. The soul

who is the true occupier of the material biological machine we call a human

being, in truth humanity does not exist as an eternal principle, in reality

humanity has never existed, what has existed (all be it temporal) is the

VEHICLE humanity equals VEHICLE nothing more.

We are all shadow walkers upon this planet, here to gain experience of

tangible existence, to know and understand via practical experience of incarnating

here and becoming solid light beings, the physical shadows of the spirit light that

holds us all within its invisible electromagnetic embrace.

What we all AMASS while incarnating here is that of tangibility as opposed to

our natural intangible fluidic state. We amass experience experience, every

experience we experience is like a liquid JEWEL within our inner essence, because

emotional physical expression (which means that we have MOTION and have

become relative) as opposed to our Absolute SELF. What we take for granted is

because we are blind to the truth of what intangible life actually IS. Within

intangible life, you cannot see, feel, touch, smell, hear, cry, laugh, feel pain,

taste, all the things we take for granted, the perfection of GOD or the Absolute

CANNOT EXPERIENCE any of these things in its absolute state of being less

BEING, that is the SOLE reason we are all here, so that the ABSOLUTE SELF

can become 7.7 billion fragmented souls and thereby experience all these

7.7 billion experiences SIMULTANEOUSLY, while still residing within the


Warmest regards michael

Published by michaelneilkirkpatrick

I have been meditating for over forty five years and now being retired and a young 75 year young man, spend some of my time sharing my many experiences and insights into the WAY through my many blogs I have shared over five thousand blogs over the years, and am now sharing on this platform here I am always available to chat or answer questions. Thank you for reading this.


  1. 8t is strange how our minds are so powerful that they make it difficult to experience all the things we are here to experience.


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