All expressed life universally, meaning that which has motion and vibrates lies upon the surface of the MEMBRANE. The membrane is made out of sub atomic plasma and forms a perfect FLAT CIRCLE that holds all expressed life upon its surface. The entire relative universe is upon this flat perfect circle. Although this universe appearsContinue reading “MEMBRANE IS LIFE EXPRESSED.”

Entanglement Connects Humanity OMNI (ECHO)

The mighty echo that resounds silently throughout mankind, is that we are all totally and absolutely connected and interconnected with each other. All 7.7 billion human beings are fully entangled within each other, all our living energy is touching each and every other human being on this planet. There is zero distance between every oneContinue reading “Entanglement Connects Humanity OMNI (ECHO)”

The Agony Of Man’s AGNI (Fire of transformation)

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Man is a burning fire, burning with passions arising within an inflamed mind, desire and passion energise by ignorance are a potent recipe for misery and pain. Mankind is manifested in living fire (liquid fire) condensed into what is called a physical body, the human physical body…

Eight Shaped Spiral Expresses Numen Consciousness Earthway (ESSENCE)

The ESSENCE of expressed human (numen Latin word for Divine presence) life is transferred into this physical dimension via a double S shaped singularity vortex one flows downwards in an S shaped singularity vortex which is anchored in two anchorage points one is in the crown chakra, and the other in the heart chakra. AndContinue reading “Eight Shaped Spiral Expresses Numen Consciousness Earthway (ESSENCE)”


Originally posted on Site Title Finding the SELF.:
Black light is pure awareness, without the reflective influence of consciousness Pure awareness is without the need of consciousness, and stands absolute and singular non duality. Black light is the light of revelation, which makes one see, precisely what makes one see, that is to say light…

Thy Mind, O Human

Realizing Oneness or Nonduality in Consciousness

Site Title Finding the SELF.

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