What is it that you really want? Think about this deeply, what do you want

above all other things? Perhaps to live forever perhaps? To live your entire

life happy and content, without any pain or suffering. This universe is full

of things, but what do all these things have in common? The common

denominator with all universal things is that they are all the “VERY SAME

THING”, which is energy. Where does this leave us then? We are all part of

the human race, are we not things then? The answer is yes and no, yes our

outer vehicle is relative/dual and energy, and no because at our core of

being we are all transcendent infinite Absolute SOURCE.

We all consist of NO-THING whatsoever at our absolute core level of

BEING, at this ABSOLUTE pointless point, “WE” are A SINGULAR ABSOLUTE

SOURCE of ALL, here duality does not exist, nor does time or space, NO

THING exists here, because the word “EXISTS” means at its root “to stand

out from a background, The Absolute therefore does NOT EXIST, it just

“IS” that which is ABSOLUTE SINGULAR SPIRIT. That at its infinite and

Absolute core level is who all the 7.7 billions souls on this speck of

expression called Earth really are. We all our that which just “IS”

having a relative experience here on Earth, to understand what

tangibility actually is, and to be able to experience feelings, touch,

taste, see, hear, smell, all these abilities are totally impossible when

you are an intangible absolute BEING.

Warmest regards michael


Published by michaelneilkirkpatrick

I have been meditating for over forty five years and now being retired and a young 75 year young man, spend some of my time sharing my many experiences and insights into the WAY through my many blogs I have shared over five thousand blogs over the years, and am now sharing on this platform here I am always available to chat or answer questions. Thank you for reading this.

One thought on “WE ARE NO-THING TRULY (WANT)

  1. Interesting question: what do I really want? I want to be able to live my life without worry about other people’s situations over which I have little or no control. It is energy that is pulling me away from what I want to do. Acceptance is always the key to unlock the stillness.


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