Nothing Is Real Verify All Notional Actions. (NIRVANA)

Nirvana is not a place where one goes to when all is fully realized and the SELF stands naked within YOU. But Nirvana is a state of being absolutely NOTHING at all, Nirvana is about realizing that nothing is the only reality that eternally persists without change or state. When we become nothing and knowContinue reading “Nothing Is Real Verify All Notional Actions. (NIRVANA)”

Becoming Localized Upon Earth (BLUE)

What is man that you are mindful of him? Psalm 8:4. What is man and how did we get here on Earth? In essence we are all Pure Energy which is Spirit. Spirit is omnipresent universal and Absolute, Spirit never moves, there is no need of any motion when you are Absolute and present everywhereContinue reading “Becoming Localized Upon Earth (BLUE)”

Within Infinite Nothing Knowing Surfaces. (WINKS)

Within the infinite nothing, knowingness arises within that silent wisdom state. Simply put wisdom belongs to nothing and within nothing all wisdom arises, that is the paradox that so many fail to understand. Our human intuition is directly linked to the eternal void of nothing, which dwells within the absolute, which lies outside of thisContinue reading “Within Infinite Nothing Knowing Surfaces. (WINKS)”

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