Before this universe was born aloft within an INTENTION WAVE of Absolute Thought there was NO-THING in BEING only the SELF which is YOU reading this, YOU are the SELF and before this universe was born you were in SELF alone in Absolute Aloneness. There was no light, as the SELF is SELF SHINING. There […]Continue reading “BEFORE UNIVERSE ONLY YOU SELF. (BUOYS) — Site Title Finding the SELF.”

Consciousness Hastens Awakening KUNDALINI Rising Ascension. (CHAKRA).

This blog today entitled CHAKRA is about how consciousness hastens the awakening of KUNDALINI rising ascension sequence. Consciousness is the intelligent energy that will unlock those inner hidden doors that will allow and permit us entry into an inner world where in the internal silence we expand our awareness and perceptions, which leads us intoContinue reading “Consciousness Hastens Awakening KUNDALINI Rising Ascension. (CHAKRA).”

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Site Title Finding the SELF.

This site is about finding out who we really are.

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This site is about finding out who we really are.