Religion does not mean what you think it means.

The word religion comes from the Latin word Religare, which means “to bind” so a being belonging to any religion is in effect bonded by it, and that by the way also includes those that are atheists by choice, they too are bound by their belief in no God, as say the Christian is boundContinue reading “Religion does not mean what you think it means.”

Packets Of Energy Taken Shape. (POETS)

We are all POETS and we did not know-iz! All life is basically and fundamentally energy, We are packets of energy condensed by dramatic lowering of vibration frequency, housed in what is called a human body, we are living intelligent energy cloaked down in vibration rate in order that we can experience the experiences ofContinue reading “Packets Of Energy Taken Shape. (POETS)”

Acquisition Of Signal (AOS)

What is the signal that we all need to pay attention to? This signal is the Primordial OM that echo’s in the silence of our inner being. The OM is a universal homing signal, a frequency that is the MASTER TONE of all universal vibrations. This master tone configures all expressions of intelligent energy intoContinue reading “Acquisition Of Signal (AOS)”

Where Is The Self ? (WITS)

We exist within the ethereal spaces between the atoms. where then is the Self? The we that are this thing called humanity, are all the SELF which stands for Source-Eternal-localising-Form, and the localising form which consists of 7.7 billion I am self aware beings, are all basically 7.7 billion fragmentations or facets of the oneContinue reading “Where Is The Self ? (WITS)”

Alchemy in Meditation.(AIM)

The ancient science of meditation is about transmuting a being from the leaden heavy weight physicality, into the golden aura of self knowingness, and self realisation. The ancient science of alchemy was not about changing lead metal into gold, this was a fallacy designed to deflect attention from its real science which was the transformationContinue reading “Alchemy in Meditation.(AIM)”

Thy Mind, O Human

Realizing Oneness or Nonduality in Consciousness

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