Wisdom Opens Realities Door. (WORD).

This blog today entitled WORD is about how the word became flesh and blood expressed motional life. In the beginning was the WORD and the word was that of WISDOM because wisdom is GOD in MOTION. before wisdom was born aloft , the word was GOD of stillness. Wisdom is the motioning of the wordContinue reading “Wisdom Opens Realities Door. (WORD).”


This blog today entitled LOVE is about how LIFETRONS (intelligent spirit energy) are that of Divine love that coalesces this intelligent energy into super compressed relative physical energy matter within a singularity vortex and lovingly deposits it within the physical body of a female mother to be. LIFETRONS that are spiritual atoms lovingly and magneticallyContinue reading “LIFETRONS of VIBRATORY EXPRESSION. (LOVE.)”

Spirit Presents You In Neural Garment. (SPYING).

This blog today entitled SPYING is about how Pure Spirit which is the Source of all that IS-Was and will be, has presented itself in a fractal holographic facets of neural garments we call life or in our case that of Humanity. Pure spirit cannot do anything other than just BE-STILL in perpetual BLISS. TheContinue reading “Spirit Presents You In Neural Garment. (SPYING).”


IN the BEFORE, when this universe was as yet UNBORN, an Eternal deep silence brooded in the eternal depth. There was no life, no-thing, within this absolute VOID was present. Only the absolute potentiality of the ALL which was in SILENT ENDLESS BLISS. In the BEFORE there was no sound, zero vibration. no light, or […]Continue reading “ABOSOLUTE ETERNAL OCEAN NOTHING. (AEON) — Site Title Finding the SELF.”

Thy Mind, O Human

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Site Title Finding the SELF.

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