Wisdom Opens Realities Door. (WORD).

This blog today entitled WORD is about how the word became flesh and

blood expressed motional life. In the beginning was the WORD and the

word was that of WISDOM because wisdom is GOD in MOTION. before

wisdom was born aloft , the word was GOD of stillness. Wisdom is

the motioning of the word which springs from motionlessness. The

home of wisdom within man lies within mankind’s INTUITION.

Within each human being lies absolute wisdom and the answer to

every question you could ever ask. Our bodies which are three fold

expressions of being which are physical, mental, spiritual the

spiritual expression of mankind holds the secret that is hidden

within mans INTUITION. The secret is very simple to understand

when you realize that the hum an vehicle is within itself a

miniature universe which means that all knowledge and wisdom

lie deep within every human being. There is zero for you to learn

I have been meditating for the past forty eight years and have

learned absolutely nothing zilch in that time, But what I have

uncovered from within myself is priceless. By going within your

self you are not going to learn anything whatsoever, but what you

will uncover from that blanket of ignorance that hides this wisdom

will be truly astounding to you. WISDOM dwells within your

INTUITION by going within yourself , taking up meditation

and entering into the inner silence you will soon make the

acquaintance with that inner voice within you which is your

intuition, when that begins to “FIRE UP” you will then be on a

TRAJECTORY that will lead you into full SELF KNOWING and

also that of LIMITLESS WISDOM.

Warmest regards michael.

kirkpatrickmichael17@gmail.com and feedback or emails welcome.


This blog today entitled LOVE is about how LIFETRONS (intelligent spirit energy)

are that of Divine love that coalesces this intelligent energy into super compressed

relative physical energy matter within a singularity vortex and lovingly deposits

it within the physical body of a female mother to be. LIFETRONS that are

spiritual atoms lovingly and magnetically are attracted to this about to be

“formalized” physical matter body, trillions of them makes up one whole

physical unit of being. When this matter is condensed into a shaped physical

being, then the immaterial consciousness enfolds and melds into the mixture

of LIFETRON atoms. This then completes one unit of physical being-ness, which

in our case is a human being. LOVE is about how Absolute Intelligence which is

BRAHMAN gathers together its SPIRIT FORCE which is intangible spirit energy

and with a “INTENTION of WILLED INTENT” wills MOTION to arise out of

motionlessness and become relative and the pure spirit energy then becomes

motioned into what is called LIFETRONS, these are intelligent energy that

will seek out and join other LIFETRONS in order to become expressed into

tangible forms in order to gather experience of tangible living in a relative

universe. LOVE is about LIFETRON UNITY in action where trillions of

LIFETRON atoms join together to make one tangible being that will allow

them all to experience tangibility.


tangible experiences.

Warmest regards michael.

kirkpatrickmichael17@gmail.com any feedback or emails welcomed.

Spirit Presents You In Neural Garment. (SPYING).

This blog today entitled SPYING is about how Pure Spirit which is the

Source of all that IS-Was and will be, has presented itself in a fractal

holographic facets of neural garments we call life or in our case that

of Humanity. Pure spirit cannot do anything other than just BE-STILL

in perpetual BLISS. The Absolute source does nothing it just “IS” it

just is absolute motionlessness. In order for Source to MOVE OUT

OF STILLNESS, and venture into MOTION it needs to access that

which is MOTION and this is THOUGHT an INTENTION WAVE manifests

motion and motion becomes RELATIVE as a “LIVING THOUGHT”, this

living thought wave is what we call “LIFE”. Life is intention in motion ,

or motional thought is LIFE. SPYING is about how pure spirit which is

GOD manifests the conditions necessary in order for it to become relative

and therefore have access to tangible experiences and to be able to touch,

taste, see, hear, smell, feel emotions, feel love and fear, all these experiences

are impossible when you are just pure spirit.

Our garment is a flesh and blood vehicle which houses the indwelling

soul, which is made up within five Koshas or sheaths of fin er garments

which allow the spirit five dimensions of experiences to gain from.

YOU reading this now are in essence pure spirit clothed in five layers

of dimensional garments which allow the inner you the spirit to

indulge in collecting of experiences it needs to feel, see, and hear

“WE” in truth are not who we think we are which is a personality

ego human being, that is just your vehicle , like the car you drive

to work in, one is made of tin and rubber, and the other is made of

flesh and bone. the REAL YOU lies beneath your FACADE OF FORM

Which is your Divine immortal SOUL.

Warmest regards mihael.

kirkpatrickmichael17@gmail.com any feedbacks or emails welcomed.


IN the BEFORE, when this universe was as yet UNBORN, an Eternal deep silence brooded in the eternal depth. There was no life, no-thing, within this absolute VOID was present. Only the absolute potentiality of the ALL which was in SILENT ENDLESS BLISS. In the BEFORE there was no sound, zero vibration. no light, or […]

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