IN the BEFORE, when this universe was as yet UNBORN, an Eternal deep

silence brooded in the eternal depth. There was no life, no-thing, within

this absolute VOID was present. Only the absolute potentiality of the

ALL which was in SILENT ENDLESS BLISS. In the BEFORE there was

no sound, zero vibration. no light, or darkness, no consciousness , all

that was present was absolute awareness unaware of ITSELF. Absolute

PURITY of awareness. AEON is about this unaware potentiality causing

a causeless cause arising within its Absolute SELF. This was an INTENTION

wave thought, this THOUGHT wave which radiated out from within

NO-THING began as a POINT of reference within this fresh awakened

consciousness that radiated out into a 360% pulse of THOUGHT ENERGY

(MOTION) which manifested the absolute eternal OCEAN of no-thing

which AEON is about. This ocean was that of infinite consciousness

which is that of a fluidic nature. Out of this infinite absolute ocean of

consciousness this relative universe was born aloft the intention

wave of the Absolute. MOTION from the thought wave became

vibrational ENERGY, and from vibrational energy there came LIFE

which is Living-Intelligent-Focused-Energy, LIFE was born within

MOTIONAL VIBRATION. AEON is about how the birth of LIFE has

progressed over AEONS of timeless time into that place which we

as HUMANITY all our in. Which is the place of AWAKENING into

our Divine Heritage and thereby revealing the long journey that

we have all been through, NOW we are able to look within

ourselves and thereby discover who we truly ARE!

Warmest regards michael.

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This blog entitled VIA is about how the Absolute VOID which is eternal

and all enclosing is the SILENT ABODE of all wisdom and Intelligence.

The VOID transcends all that exists and goes way beyond what we

understand as LIVINGNESS. All life is expressed (motioned) within

the VOID and has its motions wrapped up within this Absolute

space-less space. This relative universe is SUPERIMPOSED within

the absolute VOID which unlike the relative universe which vibrates

to the OM as perpetual motion of atomic energy vibrations, the VOID

is absolute motionlessness with zero motional vibration. The VOID

and the ever present NOW are related by virtue of both being

motionless and have zero atomic vibration.


which emanate from within PURE SPIRIT which is motionless and

eternal. Humanity exists on the outer extremity of being as a

encapsulated life form covered over by a flesh and blood physical

body, but deep within that human being is the VOID where life no

longer EXISTS, rather is just “IS” an ETERNALUNBORN SPIRIT.

When we make the effort to look within ourselves we are heading

in a direction of NON-EXISTANCE! Because deep within us lies

the ETERNAL DIVINE SPIRIT, which “fills” the VOID with its PRESENCE.




Warmest regards michael.

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This blog today entitled NINE is about the Eternal NOW which amounts to

NO-THING but however expands exponentially into eternity. “WE” are all

enfolded within the absolute embrace of the eternal NOW, there is no

escape , no-thing has ever gone beyond the absolute presence of the

all embracing NOW. LIFE which is on a “PROCESSIONAL EQUINOX”

which we call that of evolution, moves through the eternal now at

a steady pace. Life moves through the fixed point of NOW which is

absolute and motionlessness, while life moving through on a “CONVEYOR

of souls” heading for ascension at some point. Life by the very nature

that it moves(atomic vibration) is therefore relative, while the NOW is

absolute and eternal. Time and Space are both illusions and do not

exist in reality, they are relative illusions which trick us into believing

that which is a mirage caused by our ignorance of reality. Only the

eternal NOW is absolutely true and real. We fool ourselves into

believing that we can leave this now , but the truth is you have never

left it since you were born on this Earth. The truth is that “we” are all

fully “SUPER SATURATED” within this ETERNAL NOW each day of our

lives we are fully immersed within the ETERNITY of NOW. NINE is

about understanding the nature of the eternal now and realizing

that we have all our lives been within the embrace of the eternal

now. “WE” are all eternal BEING, NONE of us in ESSENCE have ever been

born, we are all unborn eternal BEING. What seems to die is your vehicle

your soul uses for gathering experiences. BUT YOU re not the body! YOU

are the IMMORTAL SOUL right NOW!!!!!

Warmest regards michael/

kirkpatrickmichael@gmail.com any feedback welcomed and emails.

Thy Mind, O Human

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