The real Seer within us is the SELF, that part of us that so many are completely oblivious to. We are all familiar with what is termed our lower self, which consists of the ego/ mind/ personality and the feeling of our individuality,( which when we make a connection to our higher SELF, we discoverContinue reading “SEER ESTABLISHES ETHEREAL KNOWING.(SEEK)”


After a major life threatening crisis I encountered in 1974, I decided that I needed to find some inner peace of mind. So I took up the practice of meditation and soon found myself getting deeper and deeper into the practice. It was then that I had a deep awakening experience. It began when IContinue reading “AWAKENING PERCEPTION PROCESS SPIRITUALLY (APPS)”

Magnetic Emotion Electric Thoughts (MEET)

We are all electromagnetic waves condensed into physical form by an Intentional standing wave, that keeps the condensed wave in physical form and in cohesion so that the entity of the divine immortal soul can obtain tangible experience here in this low density physical dimension. Consciousness can be understood as an electromagnetic phenomenon. Electric thoughts,Continue reading “Magnetic Emotion Electric Thoughts (MEET)”

Awareness Eternal Omnipresent Now (AEON)

Consciousness including all concepts of space and time, including all remembrances of so called history, space and time exist within you, conscious awareness, you do not exist within them, you are the eternal NOW. Awareness is our true SELF regardless of the human body, mind, and persona that we perceive. WE are all AWARENESS withinContinue reading “Awareness Eternal Omnipresent Now (AEON)”

Spirit Presented As Coalesced Energy (SPACE)

Space is the life blood, the fluid that fills this entire relative universe. It is the Infinite Spirit being presented into relativity and coalescing into pure energy. Space is the theatre that motion (life) perform in, all life is expressed within this theatre of space, as the great bard William Shakespeare once said “life isContinue reading “Spirit Presented As Coalesced Energy (SPACE)”

Dissolving The “I” Into AM.

Awareness has no intrinsic content, no form, no surface characteristics, it is unlike everything we experience, unlike objects, sensations, emotions, thoughts or memories. Awareness is not a quality of the Self, the Self is without qualities. Awareness shines through us without casting any shadow. When we use the prefix I AM we are using theContinue reading “Dissolving The “I” Into AM.”

Thy Mind, O Human

Realizing Oneness or Nonduality in Consciousness

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