Dark Energy = ETHER (AKASHA)

Dark energy could be seen a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. In Sanskrit the ether is known as the fifth element and is called Akasha, which is the essence of all things in the material world. Today physicists call it ‘dark energy’. Scientists estimate that 84% of the matter in the universeContinue reading “Dark Energy = ETHER (AKASHA)”

Cloth Of Motion Becoming (COMB)

‘We’ are all woven from the cloth of life, weaved and combed into shape by our experiences (unconsciously) for aeons long past. We have been moved and grooved into various shapes substances, we have been the stuff of stars and have experienced fusion and plasma bursts of interstellar birthing’s. Now fast forward a few billionContinue reading “Cloth Of Motion Becoming (COMB)”


We are all infinite eternal spirit , being presented within five levels of expression, called sheaths or Koshas which are five levels of awareness that veil the Atman, or true SELF. Discovering each layer will bring you closer to ONE-NESS with the universe and the true SELF. The physical body is just a receptacle forContinue reading “Seek-Press-Inward-Reveal-Inner-Truth.(SPIRIT).”

Conveyor Of Souls Transit. (Mobius Strip)

The natural law that acts as a conveyor of souls (energy) from the astral plane to the Earth plane, and from the Earth to the astral realm at death, can be likened to that of a Mobius Strip, which is an interdimensional transporter, a bit like a spiral shaped escalator, that ferries souls in andContinue reading “Conveyor Of Souls Transit. (Mobius Strip)”

Singularity Point Of Reference Emerging (SPORE)

We are all the Singularity points of reference emerging within the dimension of relativity we call the planet Earth. Our emergence is termed as that of humanity and we are called a human being. What is it exactly that has emerged from within this singularity point of reference? What are we exactly? We are LIFE,Continue reading “Singularity Point Of Reference Emerging (SPORE)”

Humanity is Divinity Enfolded (HIDE)

On our outer physical body we are flesh and blood, we have an etheric body. and also an Astral body, that interpenetrates the physical body and is connected by a silver cord. these descriptions are of our outer ethereal bodies, but deep within our matrix lies hidden our Divinity which is intangible spirit energy ofContinue reading “Humanity is Divinity Enfolded (HIDE)”

Infinity Symbols (X2)

Mankind is transposed within two lines of force, one is a horizontal eight configuration, and the other is a vertical eight configuration. The infinity symbol which is represented by the number 8 horizontally displayed, is both expressed within mankind as four petals of elemental force, two petals represent the infinity symbol horizontally displayed, and twoContinue reading “Infinity Symbols (X2)”

Thy Mind, O Human

Realizing Oneness or Nonduality in Consciousness

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